Our Proven Marketing System for Accounting Firms

Our comprehensive marketing solutions get results for growth-focused accounting firms.

You’re in Control of Your Accounting Firm’s Growth

The accounting industry is highly competitive. But you know this already. The days of getting by without a modern website or an effective digital marketing strategy are long gone. You’ll rise to the top or get stuck with whoever you get. 

A single marketing tactic won’t take your accounting firm to new heights. The key to a successful marketing strategy is combining several things simultaneously with compounding efforts month after month.

A strategic marketing plan lets you control your accounting firm’s growth and helps you attract the best clients who want your most profitable services.

Comprehensive Accounting Firm Growth Plan

Become the best-known accounting firm in your region so that you can work with clients you love, make an impact in your community, and hit your revenue goals.


STEP 1 Strategy

To make significant progress, we have to determine where we want to go. The first step is to create a plan together. This includes a thorough audit of your current online footprint, setting benchmarks, and determining your marketing budget. We ensure the marketing strategy is in alignment with your specific goals.

Business Goals

We clearly understand your goals to focus on the best results for you. 

Your Ideal Clients

A pipeline of ideal clients who want your most profitable services.

The Marketing Plan

We create a marketing plan based on your unique goals for your firm. 

STEP 2 Visibility

A website is the foundation of a successful digital marketing strategy and is the online hub for all your sales and marketing efforts. We’ll create a modern, conversion-focused website that will stand out in today’s competitive market and utilize our comprehensive digital marketing system to attract maximum attention.

Best-In-Class Website

A new website designed to trigger conversions & pre-qualify leads. 

Optimized Content

Professional website text written for both humans & Google's algorithm.

Landing Pages

Professional landing pages designed to convert traffic quickly.


STEP 3 Attract

We’ll leverage our targeted marketing system to attract maximum attention online. From local search engine optimization to paid ads and a predictable process to increase your 5-star reviews, this is when everything moves into high gear. 

For long-term attraction, we'll implement a content strategy that builds your authority and makes you the best known accounting firm in your region. 

Local SEO

A new website designed to trigger conversions & pre-qualify leads. 

Paid Ads

Get in front of potential clients as they're searching for your services.

Reputation Management

Reviews are the word of mouth of today & more important than ever.

STEP 4 Nurture

We don't drop leads onto your to-do list and hope for the best. Our marketing system includes smart automations that nurture potential clients based on where they are in the marketing funnel. Whether they’re ready to schedule a consultation immediately or need to be nurtured long-term, we’ll set up the automations required for success.

Maybe the best part - as leads come in, they are automatically pre-qualified so that you aren’t spending time on people who aren’t the right fit for your services.

Email Newsletter

Valuable content written & shared with your clients & prospects.

Email Sequences

Automated email sequences that guide leads closer to your services.

Cross-Selling Services

Coming Soon: Smart automations to increase the LTV of your clients.

Let's Get Started

We'd love to help accelerate the growth of your accounting or bookkeeping firm. Schedule a Strategy Session to discuss how we can help you hit your revenue goals. 

What Our Clients Say


The Margott team is generous and knowledgeable with their time and expertise, as well as easy to work with. They go above and beyond!


Super rewarding experience! The Margott team is fast to respond and good at what they do. I'm getting more than expected already. 


Complete transformation! My website is now a fully functional website that is beautiful, modern, and easy to navigate with seamless integration with our tools.