Your Accounting Firm Doesn’t Have a Traffic Problem

Many accounting firm owners think that they’ll grow their firm if they could figure out how to drive more traffic to their websites.

They tell themselves, “I know our accounting services are great. We just need to get in front of the right people, and they’ll LOVE our services.”

In other words, “I need more traffic.”

Except, that’s actually incorrect.

The truth is (and most people, even marketing experts, get this wrong) that there is NO SUCH THING AS A TRAFFIC PROBLEM.

Today, with tons of traffic channels available to buy eyeballs, traffic is a commodity. Like rice.

If you want rice, you don’t have to buy a rice field, set up an irrigation system, and learn how to farm. Instead, you go to the store and BUY RICE.

Traffic works the same way. If you want more traffic to your accounting website, you go to the “traffic store” and buy it.

You have a lot of traffic stores to choose from – Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube… you get the idea.

Granted, some channels are more expensive than others, and some audiences are more costly to reach, but you and your competitors are on a level playing field when it comes to how much you’re paying for a click. You can get as many clicks as you want. You just have to buy them.

So, you don’t have a traffic problem.

BUT, you might have a conversion problem.

Ask yourself…

  • Is the value I provide clearly communicated when visitors come to my website?
  • Am I capturing emails for sales and follow-up?
  • Do I have effective funnels set up?

Remember, if you’re buying traffic, but don’t have a cost-effective system for converting those leads, you’re wasting money on buying traffic. The first step before you worry about traffic is making sure you have funnels in place to benefit from the traffic you buy.

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