The Power of Investing in Your Medspa Team

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    The Power of Investing in Your Medspa Team

    “Money isn’t everything.” That’s the unmissable message everywhere you look, from the rise of the four-day workweek to HR surveys to ranting TikTok videos.

    Sure, compensation is important, but today’s top talent demands more from their employers, and it’s in your best interest to provide nothing less.

    Turnover is never a good thing, full stop. However, the physical closeness and intimate context of the medspa practitioner-to-client connection creates an extra attachment.

    So after you’ve improved your candidate pool by using digital marketing techniques to attract and siphon strong contenders, you’ll want to double down on retaining your quality employees.

    And to maintain a top-notch team of professionals who are invested in your medspa’s success, *you* must continually invest in their growth and happiness.

    Here are five non-compensational motivators to consider implementing into your (fringe) benefits package.

    5 Ways Medical Spas Can Invest in Their Teams

    Continuing Education

    Industry knowledge is dynamic, especially in a profession as rapidly advancing as medspas. New tools, trends, and techniques surface ALL.THE.TIME.

    To stay static is like mowing your lawn and expecting your grass to permanently remain short. You never want a client to tell you about the latest “it” procedure.

    Speaking of knowledge, no one is good at everything, and that goes for your practitioners. That might mean a medical aesthetician who’s an absolute artist at their craft but has room to improve their soft skills, like client communication.

    Thankfully, our virtual world grants easy access to on-demand, every-subject-under-the-sun learning. So, encouraging your staff to upgrade their skills is a no-brainer.

    Industry Events

    Tradeshows and masterminds offer exponential wins for everyone. The obvious bonus is they are a superb way to network, and networking boomerangs opportunity.

    The stealthier advantages include brand visibility, competitor intel collection, and monotony interruption. Plus, these events provide an excellent gateway to see and test out “what’s new” in the medspa industry, condensed, rimmed with fun, and dripping in connection.

    Workspace Improvements

    Remember cold and drabby treatment rooms, nose-curdling smells (oh, those perms!), and bitsy Styrofoam cups with tasteless coffee? Don’t forget to extend the relaxing, beautiful medspa environment that you provide your clients to your staff.

    Medspa practitioners spend a lot of time on their feet. Items like anti-fatigue mats, ergonomic workstations, and quality chairs will go a long way. Even providing better basics like hydrating soap and luxury cream will be applauded by tried hands that are dried out from continuous washing.

    Small changes can cause an instant energy shift. And for goodness’ sake, consider bad breakroom coffee unforgivable. Then, attrition will dwindle as morale skyrockets, and watch how it all flows down to customer satisfaction and higher revenues.

    Team Building Retreats

    People want to work with people, not organizations. Employees crave connection, and nothing beats getting together in person. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

    Shut down the medspa to the public for the night, have some good food delivered, and exchange treatments. Too worky? Even a monthly bowling and pizza night can make your medspa practitioners feel seen, bonded, and valued. Or rent a nearby cottage for a weekend and let people decide if they want to come just for the BBQ or stay the night for a sleepover and campfire story swap.

    Your staff spends their professional life making others feel pampered. So, if you can swing something more extravagant, like a few days at a resort, do it. Yes, this can be difficult to coordinate when you’re open for clients on weekends, but it’s worth the effort.

    Community Involvement Days

    Paying it forward to a cause that’s close to your heart is no longer regarded as just a “nice to do.” Employees want to work for an organization that gives back to the community, and what better way than supporting your team to do the same?

    Show your practitioners that you champion a charitable spirit by granting them paid time off (think a day or two per year) to go and volunteer for a non-profit of their choice. This feels good for your practitioners, does good for your community, and — total bonus — looks good for your brand.

    People leave when they don’t feel valued. Employees with positive vibes about the company they work for will contribute tenfold to fostering a joyful company culture. And happier practitioners = more productive practitioners.

    Our marketing team is your marketing team. (Except we won’t leave last night’s reheated spaghetti explosion inside the breakroom microwave.)
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