Should Medspas Offer Discounts or Not? (When and how to do it right.)

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    Should Medspas Offer Discounts or Not? (When and how to do it right.)

    It’s the most recognizable (and protected!) color in branding history. A robin’s egg turquoise whose official name is Pantone No. 1837; the one that the rest of the world simply refers to as the “Tiffany Blue.” The epitome of luxury, Tiffany & Co. has stood resilient through the Great Depression, The Great Recession, and all the other economic downturns in between.

    In addition to their unmistakable color, another well-noticed marker throughout Tiffany & Co.’s gold-standard marketing is their unapologetic and unwavering stance on value-based pricing. Meaning, if you’re waiting for a sale to grab that piece you’ve been eyeing, don’t hold your breath; markdowns are rare and never intended as their go-to strategy.

    When you condition your clients to expect a sale, charging full price becomes extinct. It’s seen as a gimmick between the “real” bargains, and your medspa patients stop seeing the worth of paying the actual cost. Discounts are expected, and clients feel cheated in between sales rather than basking in the joy of having been gifted a deal.

    Another uncomfortable truth is that the premium patients you want coming to your medspa may associate a lower price with lower quality. A frequent discount strategy signals to prospective clients that you can’t convince people to pay full price. Then, your services are perceived as being of a poorer grade, steering patients to choose a competitor because they believe their products and treatments are of a higher caliber.

    So what’s a medspa owner… with schedules to fill… during economically challenging times…supposed to do?

    Here are five clever ways to offer discounts that present like a reward to make both you and your clients feel the love.

    1. Referral Program

    Offer a one-time discount to both the new client and as a thank you to your existing patient.

    2. Frequent Visitor’s Club or a Membership

    Think points in exchange for free or discounted products or services. Keep it simple with something like, “10th facial is free.”

    3. Birthday Gift

    Nothing says “Happy Birthday” quite like pampering. It’s also a time when most want to look their best. Offer a percentage or dollar amount off.

    4. Comeback Special

    Reach out to dormant patients telling them you missed them. Provide a “BOOK NOW” bonus for a limited time.

    5. A Package Deal

    Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Administrative Professionals’ Day. The “bring a buddy for one low price” possibilities are endless.

    Patients who make purchasing decisions solely based on price should never be your target audience. It’s harder to build loyalty with this market share because once a lower-priced medspa comes along, and one always does, you will lose these clients to the bottom line.

    So, instead of luring consumers with sales and discounts, offer superior goods and services and sharpen your marketing game plan. Schedule a free Marketing Consultation, and we’ll show you how to leverage digital marketing to consistently land choice clients, not bargain hunters!

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