Pro Secrets to Find Blog Topics for Accounting Firms

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We frequently hear from accounting firms that they need help with developing ideas for blog topics. Essentially, there are so many options that it becomes overwhelming to choose anything specific. It’s led more than a few capable folks to analysis paralysis.

Along the same lines, accounting professionals sometimes think their expertise doesn’t lend well to blog posts for their potential clients. We hear, “Why should I write blog posts about things my clients want me to handle for them?”

It’s true. The best clients don’t want to know how to do something. They want to hire professionals to do the work for them.

But there are a plethora of potential clients who don’t realize how complex something is before they decide not to attempt it on their own. Some clients aren’t ready for your services today, but they will be soon. If they read valuable information on your blog, you’re building trust before they even request a discovery call with you.

And, let’s not forget about Google. The content on your website, both pages, and blog posts, is how Google knows what search queries should lead people to your website.

Keep in mind all blog topics are NOT created equal. Post after post about internal company business or news that doesn’t tie into defined business goals is a waste of your valuable time and energy.

Thinking of blog topics can take time, and it’s worse when blog posts never get created because of topic selection. So let’s finish with a few tips to help you decide which topics will help your accounting firm attract new visitors to your blog.

How to find great accounting firm blog topics
  • Have a goal in mind. Each blog post you write should be written with a goal in mind, whether it’s attracting more leads or getting backlinks.
  • Mine your frequently asked questions for blog topics. Look specifically at questions where you’ve provided a short answer to a question that could be expanded on for a blog post.
  • Use Google Autocomplete to find topics. When you type a keyword into Google, you’ll see a list of potential searches. These can be excellent ideas for blog topics.
  • Look at Google’s “People Also Ask” and “Searches Related To” sections on the results page. Both offer potential blog topics for you to consider. When you type in a question or keyword, Google will usually list three questions people also ask about the topic you’re searching for. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a box with related searches.
  • Use online tools to find topics. BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for learning what posts are trending and can offer ideas for popular questions and topics.

Using these tips, create a list of potential topics and start writing one after the other. Make sure you cover each topic thoroughly and break your post into skimmable content.

We get fantastic results for our content marketing clients because we’re experts at selecting “money keywords” that help accounting firms attract their ideal potential clients. This list is exactly where we start our research every time.

Blogging can be the ideal content marketing tool for your accounting firm if you choose your topics wisely and have a goal. Use these tips to help turn your accounting blog into a lead-generating powerhouse. And if you want us to handle it for you, we’d love to help. Schedule a Strategy Session to discuss your needs and goals.