Optimize Your Accounting Firm’s Google Business Profile

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An optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) is a crucial component of a successful local marketing strategy for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax firms. It’s one of the top factors in getting a business into Google’s Map Pack. Sadly, while most accounting firms have a GBP, they’re often left neglected and missing out on the opportunities a good GBP brings.

Accurate Google Business Profiles are a critical trust point for potential clients and Google itself.

It’s important to remember that optimizing a Google Business Profile isn’t a one-and-done set of tasks. Instead, it’s an ongoing process that includes continuously keeping your GBP updated and sharing new content frequently.

We’re lifting the curtain to share some of the things we do for our accounting, bookkeeping, and tax firm clients that rely on us to get and keep their business in the Map Pack.

This list assumes you have already created or claimed your Google Business Profile. If you haven’t done that yet, start with this video that walks you through how to do that first.

The Easiest Ways to Optimize Your Google Business Profile:
  • Complete all sections
    Be sure to complete all of the content sections. It’s essential to add as much detail as possible. Include your business hours, if your location is accessible, what forms of payment your company accepts, etc.

    It might be tempting to grab some text from your website for the business description, but Google wants unique content in your profile. So write the business description from scratch or make significant changes so that it’s different from your website’s content.

    Don’t skip the photos! Upload your logo, pictures of your location’s exterior and interior, your team, and other pertinent images.
  • Contact information consistency
    Your company’s contact information must be consistent throughout the internet. In this case, your contact information includes your business name, address, and phone number. This information should be exactly the same on your GBP, website, and any other online profiles. When these details aren’t consistent, Google sees that as a red flag.
  • Regular updates
    Frequent updates are a must for effective Google Business Profiles. Updates can include new photos, updated service information, changes to business hours for holidays, and more.

    It’s also important to publish weekly posts to share general company news, what’s new, and events, to name a few. In the accounting industry, we have built-in events that we can promote, such as tax deadlines, extensions, and year-end. Use those events to your advantage!
  • Respond to reviews
    Make sure your accounting firm responds to both good and bad reviews promptly. It’s good etiquette to say thank you when someone leaves a good review.

    If your business receives a bad review, it can be hard not to take it personally. Sometimes a bad review can be turned around by a thoughtful response from a business owner. But it’s important to remember that even if the person can’t be won over, your response is public.

    People can accept seeing the occasional lousy review for a business, but they want to know that you handled it professionally. Inconsiderate, defensive, or rude responses will cost you future business.
  • Answer questions
    From time to time, users will ask questions about a business right in the knowledge panel. When they ask questions in your accounting firm’s GBP, respond to them as best you can. Google relies on a lot of user-sourced information so that anyone can answer questions. If you notice another user has responded to a question incorrectly, provide the correct answer. Your readers will appreciate your correct responses, and Google will reward you.

    While we couldn’t cover everything we do to optimize our client’s Google Business Profiles, this is a great list for your accounting firm to use as a starting point. Begin implementing these things as soon as possible to help increase your firm’s online visibility.

Want help getting your accounting business into the Map Pack? Schedule a Strategy Session, and we’ll discuss what’s preventing you from getting into the top results and how to change that.