3 Ways to Improve Your Accounting Firm Hiring Process

Are you struggling to find qualified bookkeeping or accounting talent for your firm? As a modern accounting firm, it makes sense to use modern digital marketing practices to help make the accounting firm hiring process a whole lot easier. But where do you start?

3 ways digital marketing techniques can help improve the accounting firm hiring process.
  1. Include a Careers page on your accounting firm website.
    • “Sell” your firm to candidates. Why should they want to work with you? What’s it like working for your firm? Share any special perks, values, or additional information you’d like.
    • You can always accept resumes for all positions while highlighting your open positions. Provide some details about who you’re looking for to fill the open positions.
    • Bonus points – Add reviews to the Careers page, not from your clients but your team members.
  2. Use smart automations to help qualify candidates before they get to your desk.
    • When accepting resumes online, you can use the process to see how detail-oriented candidates are, and how well they follow instructions. For example, include instructions that tell candidates who to address their cover letter to. If you receive resumes without a cover letter addressed to the correct person, you can eliminate that candidate.
    • Ask questions with conditional logic applied. For example, if you want candidates to have at least 3 years of bookkeeping experience to be considered in your accounting firm hiring, ask the candidates if they have 3 years of bookkeeping experience. If they check the no box, the resume doesn’t have to make it to your desk.
    • Have a system in place for someone else on your team to evaluate resume submissions and let people know when they haven’t made the cut. Maybe someone has 2 years of bookkeeping experience before they became a CPA, and they’re an excellent candidate for a position that’s not quite open yet. You want a safety net to be able to catch these outliers.
  3. Make sure you have great reviews and review processes. Online reviews are the word of mouth of today, so make them count.
    • Make sure you have positive reviews on Google & Facebook if you have a Facebook page.
    • Reply to your reviews, whether they’re good or bad. People don’t mind if a business has an occasional bad review, but if a bad review is handled poorly, that’s a red flag.
    • Encourage your employees to leave positive reviews for your business.

Implement one or all of these tips and see how much it helps the accounting firm hiring processes! If you want to discuss how we can help you with this, schedule a Strategy Session so that we can chat with you about it.