How’s Your Medical Spa Online Reputation?


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    How’s Your Medical Spa Online Reputation?

    Your ideal client is asking around about you. What are they hearing?

    Online reviews are today’s word of mouth; there’s simply no substitute for a solid online reputation. Any medspa that wants to be a leader in their local market, must make ongoing review collection a part of their marketing plan.

    Did you know that online reviews are one of the top factors Google uses to determine whether or not to show a website in local search results?
    According to BrightLocal, 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. The same report tells us that 67% of consumers will consider leaving a review for a positive experience.

    It’s perfectly normal to feel shy about asking your patients for testimonials but that hesitation is mainly caused by imaginary hurdles.
    You tell yourself you don’t want to bother your clients, and that they don’t have time. After all, a medspa is the ultimate destination where busy people go to relax, right?

    But think about all the times you jumped at the chance to rave to a friend about the great service you received somewhere.

    Most clients are happy to leave a review. They simply need to be asked.

    That’s why an automated system to request reviews from happy patients is so powerful. Reviews start to stack up, telling potential clients you can be trusted and signals to Google that your website should move up the ranks.

    While an automated review system is our #1 recommendation and something we at Margott do for our clients, it’s not the only way to boost your medspa’s online reputation.

    Here are 3 easy ways medspas can get more online reviews without spending a dime:

    Include a message on your invoice

    On your invoice template, include a message asking your client to rate their visit with a link to your Google reviews. This is easy to implement, is a superb use of whitespace on your invoices, and requires zero maintenance. Plus, it shows your patients that you’re genuinely interested in their experience and keeps your finger on the pulse of your medspa’s performance.

    Place signage in natural waiting zones

    For a medspa, a patient’s satisfaction should be at max level when they’re checking out after the treatment. A small sign on your front counter is a great way to encourage client reviews. Other convenient locations include the changing rooms, bathrooms, and any waiting areas – like right beside the cucumber water station. Simply use a QR code so people can quickly scan it and connect to your Google reviews.

    Incorporate it into their appointment reminders

    Your regular clients should be your leading source for online reviews. After all, they’re the best ones to vouch for your great service! Most medspas offer advance appointment bookings and recurring treatments. That appointment reminder card is a prime spot to add that QR code we spoke about above. And if your notification system is paperless, just slide it as a PS after your signature with a hyperlink to your Google reviews.

    Every local market is different, but ALL are the same when it comes to the high value of online reviews. The next person who’s thinking about hiring you is digitally asking those who’ve already visited your medspa for their opinion.

    At Margott, we’ll help you set your testimonial collection on autopilot. We’ll implement a smooth, tactful review-gathering system. With our easy, unintrusive templates, your patients will be delighted to share their experiences with the world.

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