How to Create the Best Landing Pages for Accounting Firms

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A landing page has one critical job. It needs to compel visitors to take action, whether sign up for an opt-in, schedule an appointment, or purchase a product.

The best landing pages for accounting firms aren’t complicated. A landing page should be simple. It should be engaging, clear, and persuasive. If the landing page isn’t capturing attention or conveying your offer, it’s failing to do its job.

To create the best landing pages for accounting firms, there are some best practices you’ll want to follow. It’s important to include ALL of these elements to have the best landing page for your accounting firm.

Create the best landing pages for accounting firms
  • Design
    The design of your landing page should support the type of offer that you’re making. The design should be clean and straightforward. Each element on a landing page should be there for a purpose, not just to look good. Distractions are the nemesis of a landing page so the job of design is to have a visually appealing page while simultaneously reducing distractions to keep the visitor focused on your offer.
  • Headline
    Your headline is one of the first things a reader will see on your landing page. With headlines, you can either focus on the problem your reader is suffering from or make it aspirational by describing the outcome they’ll enjoy by taking action on your offer. Either way, a powerful headline is paramount to how well the landing page will perform for you. Keeping in mind that a person’s attention span doesn’t last very long, your headline needs to hook them.
  • Images and Video
    Using images and/or video on your landing page is a great idea. While photos can support the design to give natural breaks to the text, video is helpful to present your offer in an easily consumed format. Video also allows you to convey more information than you can with an image.
  • Copy (Text)
    The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your visitor with overly complicated text. The text on your landing page should flow succinctly, helping your reader understand what you’re offering them. Keep the text easy to follow, and “talk” to your reader in a conversational tone. Let them know that they’re in the right place to receive help.
  • Opt-in Form
    If you’re collecting sign-ups or promoting a free offer on your landing page, ensure your form is easy to use. However, use forms carefully. The more fields a visitor needs to fill out, the less likely they will complete the form sign-up. Keep it simple so that visitors don’t have a reason to hesitate. We recommend name and email, and we add phone # if you use SMS messages in your communications. (We recommend SMS. It works really well!)
  • Social Proof
    Social proof is a critical trust factor for your landing page. It helps your visitor to understand that your company is capable of helping them, and they can see genuine comments from real customers. Testimonials, reviews, and endorsements go a long way to establishing trust.
  • CTA (Call To Action)
    The CTA of your page should be visible and understandable to your reader. The CTA is the action you want your reader to take, such as signing up to receive a free guide or making a purchase. Make the next step as easy as possible for your visitor to take.

The best landing pages for accounting firms are landing pages that convert. Something we know a thing or two about. If your landing page isn’t converting for you, reach out! We’ll take a look and give you actionable steps to improve your landing page. Simply email the URL to us at, and we’ll record a video to show you how you can improve the performance of your page.