Get More (and Better) Traffic with Your Accounting Firm Blog

We’re all aware of the importance of content marketing for your accounting firm. You may already have a blog that gets some organic traffic.

But what’s next?

The sad truth is that most accounting and bookkeeping firms aren’t doing the right things in the right way to successfully leverage content marketing, particularly when writing their blog posts. As a result, they’re losing business opportunities to their competitors.

Let’s say your accounting firm’s blog gets minimal organic traffic. It would be tempting not to post often or just ignore it entirely, right? That’s a mistake you should avoid. Instead, keep on reading to learn about all the different types of content that can potentially help attract more qualified visitors to your website and help you grow your accounting business.

Types of Accounting Firm Blog Content

One of the best ways to use your blog to attract more qualified leads is to focus on topics relevant to your ideal customer and their journey toward hiring your accounting firm.

If you need help with coming up with accounting firm blog topic ideas, you can try making a list of questions that people frequently ask about your accounting services. Those can serve as the jumping-off point for blog posts.

Types of Accounting Topics to Avoid in Blogging:
  • Topics that won’t move potential clients through your sales funnel.
  • Topics that are too competitive. The secret is finding topics with a healthy search volume and low competition.
  • Topics with search volume that’s too low.

Your best bet is to focus on long-tail keywords and questions. Remember that voice searches are more popular than ever, and most people ask questions when they query with Cortana or Siri.

Linkable Content and Traffic

Your second viable option is to choose blog topics that have a high possibility of attracting backlinks over time. This type of content usually falls into one of two categories:

  • It provides actionable information that solves a problem, or
  • It contains data that will be useful to other people.

In the actionable information category, it might be a blog post that explains how to read a P&L. The problem you’re solving is business owners who don’t know what they’re supposed to glean from a P&L. With blog posts that contain data, it might be an infographic that shows the ideal allocations for types of expenses.

And because you want your content to be linkable and stay linkable, your best bet is to choose evergreen content. Evergreen content is a type of content that remains useful over time. The alternative to a data-driven blog post is to commit to updating it regularly as needed to keep it relevant.

Accounting firms often need to pay more attention to the value of blogging. While it may not be “sexy” marketing, it’s highly effective when it’s done right. Of course, many accounting firms don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to make blogging work for their firm.

If you’d like to chat about how we can help you, schedule a Strategy Session. We’d love to have a no-obligation conversation with you about your business and how we can help you can surpass your competitors.