7 Easy Ways to Improve Conversion Rates of Websites for Accounting Firms

There are several elements that contribute to the conversion rates of websites for accounting firms. Some are more important than others when it comes to impact.

It’s important to note that not all websites are designed to convert. There are countless attractive websites for accounting firms that don’t support the company’s sales and marketing efforts. So remember, while it’s a good idea to look at other accountant websites for inspiration, don’t assume that other websites are actually converting.

Websites for accounting firms can benefit from these 7 easy ways (plus one bonus!) to improve conversion rates.
  1. Use social proof – It’s been said that online reviews are today’s version of word of mouth. It’s not surprising then that 95% of people say that both negative and positive reviews influence their purchasing decisions. (Wyzowl)

    Positive reviews can easily be added to websites to leverage social proof and add a significant trust factor to your website. Seeing that another client had a positive experience with your accounting firm is a huge factor in a purchase decision. Consider adding reviews, testimonials, and case studies to your website.
  2. Add live chat – If a potential client is visiting your website for the first time, they might have an urgent question they need an answer to. Whether or not this question is answered in a timely fashion could be the deciding factor between them scheduling a consultation with you, or with your competitor. Having a live chat option can help enormously with this.

    Truth be told, live chat isn’t used frequently by potential clients on accounting websites. However, the ability to do so goes a long way to show that you’re accessible and communicative.
  3. Use color in your favor – It’s easy to see a website and think that specific colors are used because they’re attractive, but there’s much more to it than that. Color psychology is used when designing brands & websites that convert.

    How do you want visitors to feel about your accounting firm when they visit your website? The right color palette can evoke feelings of you being trustworthy, smart, wealthy. It’s also important to utilize strategic color use for calls to action throughout the website.
  4. Improve your page speed – Your website should be fast to deliver the best experience possible and encourage people to continue browsing. Each page should load in under 2 seconds and ideally under 1 second. If your website takes 4 seconds to load, you’ve already lost 25% of your visitors.

    Websites are like our human bodies. They slow down with illness and/or age. That’s why we include ongoing website management for our marketing clients. We can’t make a website live forever, but we can make sure it’s performing at a high level for as long as possible.
  5. Make sure your website looks great on mobile – On average, websites for accounting firms experience 40% of website visitors on mobile devices. Make sure that your website looks good and works well on their devices. Your website needs to be easy to navigate no matter what type of device someone is on.

    Nothing will turn a visitor away faster than an unresponsive website!
  6. Have a clear call to action on each page – If one is good, three is better, right? Not when it comes to calls to action on your website. You want ONE primary call to action on each page.

    You may want to add a secondary call to action, but to do so effectively, the secondary call to action needs to be less prominent. This can be accomplished with color, font sizes, page placement, etc. You never want competing calls to action that slow down a website visitor’s ability to take action.
  7. Remove friction – Play detective on your own website. Test your accounting website as if you were a potential client and try to see it from their perspective. Look for any points of friction or areas where something doesn’t make as much sense as it should. Then remove or rectify these issues.

    A few common examples are contact forms that don’t send, pop-ups that aren’t mobile friendly, and elements that are so close together that it’s easy to click on the wrong thing.
  8. BONUS: Use compelling copy – Our new clients are always relieved to hear that our websites for accounting firms include professionally written copy. Part of the reason for that is that it’s harder to write compelling copy than you might think.

    While the best accounting firm website design utilizes smart conversion strategies, professional copywriting is crucial. It’s what causes someone to take action, but not just any action. The exact action that you want someone to take. Well-written content will pay for itself over and over again!

Wondering if your accounting firm website is showing up in the search results? Schedule a Strategy Session! We’ll do a complete marketing analysis for you and let you know what we find.