Accounting Firm About Page Tips

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Every accounting, bookkeeping, and tax firm should have a stellar About page on its website. It is the second most visited page of a website, after all.

An About page done well increases the overall value of your accounting firm’s brand. It’s a trust factor that helps visitors understand how your accounting firm can help them and gives potential clients the feeling that they already know you and your team before they ever meet you.

And if that isn’t reason enough, do it for Google. Google likes websites to have an About page, and it’s especially important when you’re utilizing local marketing for your accounting firm.

Business owners often struggle with writing content for an About page. It can seem easier when the focus is on the services you provide rather than the personal, human side of the business. But not to worry! Here are some helpful tips to help you get started with your About page content.

Powerful Tips for an Accounting Firm’s About Page:
  • Remove “I” and “we”
    You might think this is a bit counterintuitive. The page is about you, after all, right? Not exactly. You can, of course, talk about your business, but you’re not the focus of the About page. It seems strange, but your potential client should be the focus. The About page shares information about your firm, but it’s your opportunity to relate to your potential clients.
  • Put the visitor first
    Your website visitor is the hero of every story and piece of content they read on your website. They want to feel included and that they can trust you to provide accounting or bookkeeping solutions that will solve their problems. Your About page is the perfect place to dive into this.
  • Share the benefits
    Potential clients don’t want to know how something works. They want to know if it will help them. Talk about the benefits your accounting services deliver. Rather than simply listing your services, mention how they’ll feel when they work with your firm. – Supported, confident in their compliant books, organized, and focused on their business instead of their books…just to name a few.
  • Add some humanity
    Don’t be afraid to show your firm’s human side. This doesn’t mean you include your life stories on your About page, but you share enough that potential clients can relate to you. Feature things like team profiles and images. Show website visitors that you’re a team of humans they can trust.
  • Show the journey
    Clients love to know that the accounting firm they’re working with will be around for a long time. It increases trust and reassures them that you’re here for them long-term. Your About page is a great place to talk about what’s to come, share your plans, and show how these plans will benefit your client.

If you feel like you’re spending too much time trying to write the content for your website, the About page, or any other page, maybe it’s time to bring in a professional. When accounting, bookkeeping, and tax firms work with us for their new website, we write all of the content for the website. It’s optimized content that’s professionally written for both humans and Google.

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