5 Reasons Your Medspa Needs a Blog


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    5 Reasons Your Medspa Needs a Blog

    Most medspa owners don’t often associate blogs with revenue generation. They might not have one because they don’t enjoy writing.
    There are so many other business priorities to juggle when running a medspa, it’s easy to dismiss blogging as a waste of time and energy. However, incorporating a consistent, effective blogging strategy is a surefire way to skyrocket your growth.

    The 5 key benefits of your medspa blog:

    1. Boost SEO rankings while building brand awareness

    Search engines go berserk over keyword-rich content. By creating a blog, you’re giving them a new dose of pages that can help you rank for your desired keywords. Plus, search engines also reward sites that create fresh content. A blog ticks this box. BONUS POINTS! You’ll score major SEO extra credit if another reputable site links back to reference your blog.

    2. Your voice, your rules

    A blog is a sincere way to let existing and potential patients get to know you on your terms. It’s your soapbox to proudly stand on and show off your style and personality. Plus, by sharing your blog content on social media and through email (whether entirely or just in repurposed snippets), you can attract and nurture relationships with your ideal audience.

    3. Become a leader in the medspa industry

    Go as broad or a niche as you want while you create helpful content that is interesting and educational. Your blog lets you focus on what matters to you and your audience. And as your content helps build up your medspa’s credibility, you, as the blog’s creator, can gain recognition as a “go-to” expert. This can lead to lucrative speaking gigs, media coverage, and more.

    4. Boost brand awareness

    While it’s true that brand awareness doesn’t pay the bills, you can’t ignore it, either. A blog is a superb way to build brand awareness while spending little-to-no money on advertising. Plus, you could go viral! People love discovering something special and being the one to share it with others. By creating shareable content, you’ll accelerate the growth of your business.

    5. Spread the news

    Most medspas promote special events throughout the year and offer select discounts on services. Sure, you should update your website to reflect the information, but you can’t rely on your patients continuously checking your site. Your blog is a terrific spot to share theme-based information (think Mother’s Day two-for-one). You can use a relatable topic and tactfully segue into a promotion.

    !A word of caution! Don’t have a blog to just have a blog. There’s a solid argument that bad content is worse than no content at all. Tools like a content calendar can help you develop a system so you can blog consistently.

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