5 Reasons Your Accounting Firm Needs a Blog

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When I consult with accounting and bookkeeping businesses and share tips to skyrocket their growth, I often recommend that they incorporate consistent blogging.

This often comes as a surprise because people don’t often associate blogs with revenue generation. They can be seen as a waste of time and energy, especially when you have so many other priorities in your firm.

It’s easy to overlook the benefits that blogging can offer your accounting firm, but they’re worth taking notice. 

The 5 key benefits of having an accounting firm blog:
  1. Boost SEO Rankings
    Search engines love keyword-rich content. By creating a blog, you’re giving the search engines a collection of new pages that can help you rank for your desired keywords. Plus, search engines also reward sites that create fresh content. A blog helps you tick this box.
  1. Attract New Customers (and Engage with Current Ones)
    A blog is a chance for you to create content that is interesting, helpful, and educational for both prospects and customers. Your content helps to build your credibility, whether you work with all businesses or a specific niche. Plus, by sharing your content on social media and email, you can begin to develop relationships with your audience.
  2. Become an Industry Leader
    As your content gets recognition in the industry, you become the “go-to” expert. This can lead to lucrative speaking gigs, media coverage, and more.
  3. Build Brand Awareness
    While it’s true that brand awareness doesn’t pay the bills, you can’t ignore it, either. A blog is a perfect opportunity for you to build brand awareness without having to spend a lot (or any) of money on advertising.
  4. Go Viral
    We live in a time of sharing and discoverability. This means that people want to discover something new and share it with their network. Their motivation could be to appear “in the know,” identify with an aspirational brand, or, it could be purely altruistic. By creating shareable content, you’ll be able to accelerate the growth of your business.

A word of caution: Just having a blog isn’t enough. You should approach content creation with a system that includes planning content that your audience wants to see, and it’s also smart to have a content creation calendar to stay consistent.

This isn’t as challenging as it sounds. I’ve got techniques in place that give you a leg up in the blogging sphere. Want to know more? Schedule a Strategy Session, and we can go over it together.