5 Clever Ways Accounting Firms Can Repurpose Content

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Repurposing your content not only gives it a new lease of life, but you can also enjoy the benefit of time saved. Content creation is time-consuming, and the prospect of creating something from scratch can be enough to make any accountant, bookkeeper, or tax professional put it on the back burner.

However, if you have a piece of content that performed well and delivered value to your audience, you can use it again to reengage them. Not only that, you could find yourself reaching a new audience.

PRO TIP: Always create content with the intent to repurpose it. Creating content to be used just once and in one place is not worth your time.

You might wonder how to repurpose your content to get the best results. Let’s go through a few ways accounting firms can get the most out of their content.

5 Ways Accounting Firms Can Repurpose Content
  1. Turn your blog post into an ebook
    Most accounting firms have a fair amount of content already written in their blogs. An ebook is a fantastic way to repurpose content by bringing together blog posts about the same topic.

    For example, if you have several blog posts about how S Corps are taxed, you can create an S Corps ebook that visitors can download from your website. Of course, make sure you use the ebook as an opt-in freebie to collect email addresses from people who want to download the ebook.
  2. Use your content for quotes on social media
    If you have long-form content like blog posts or email newsletters, there’s a good chance you have some quotable sentences! Read through your existing content, and see what you can pull out and use in your social media feeds.

    Better yet, have someone else read through your existing content to pull out the gems. Someone else will probably do a better job than you because they won’t be self-critiquing, which means they’ll be able to do it faster than you. And at the end of the day, is this really a task that needs your attention? No, you have an accounting firm to run.
  3. Turn your content into a video
    A huge part of video creation is the time spent on planning and writing a script. If you repurpose old content instead, you’re already halfway there! Many people prefer to watch a video instead of reading words on a screen, so this is the perfect opportunity to engage a new audience.

    And a YouTube channel is excellent for search engine optimization (SEO). So create your firm’s YouTube channel if you haven’t done that yet.
  4. Create an infographic from your content
    Infographics are wildly popular! We create accounting and bookkeeping infographics for clients based on their audience and unique content, and they always do well for the clients. Topics vary, but a few examples are 1099 vs. W2 team members, decision trees, and onboarding checklists.

    Infographics are created simply by turning your written content into visual graphics. These can then be shared in blog posts and on social media. This might need the help of a designer, but if you have the content ready, you’ve already prepared the brief!
  5. Send out a recap newsletter
    A great way to repurpose a lot of content is to create a recap newsletter of the top-performing content you shared in the week/months previously. You can reach a larger audience by sending this newsletter to your subscribers.

Did you get an idea or two so that you can begin creating content that’s well-suited to be repurposed? You can take this list and run with it, but if you want some additional help, schedule a Strategy Session with us. We’ll help you get a content strategy dialed in, and best of all, you don’t even have to be the one to create the content!