4 Powerful Tips for Your Medspa’s About Page


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    4 Powerful Tips for Your Medspa’s About Page

    Every medspa needs a stellar About page on its website. It’s the second most visited page of any website for a reason. If your reviews are today’s word of mouth, your About page is the equivalent of eye contact, a smile, and a firm handshake.

    An About page done well increases the overall value of your medspa’s brand. People want to do business with people, and your About page serves as a trust factor to help potential clients feel safe. A properly written About page conveys brand intangibles to give visitors a sense that they already know you and your team before they ever step foot inside your medspa.

    And if all the above still isn’t enough to convince you, do it for Google. Google likes websites to have an About page, and it’s especially important when you’re utilizing local marketing for your medspa.

    Business owners often struggle with writing content for an About page. It can seem easier when the focus is on the services you provide rather than the personal, human side of your medspa. But not to worry! Here are a few About page pointers to help you get started.

    4 Tips to Improve Your Medspa’s About Page

    Remove “I” and “we” to put the visitor first

    Your website visitor is the hero of every story. They should feel like every piece of content on your website — including your About page — was written just for them. Of course, introduce yourself and your medspa on your About page. But use language that reassures your potential patients that they don’t need to look any further; your medspa is a trusted authority that has the solutions to solve their concerns.

    Share proof of success

    Potential patients don’t want to know how something works in the abstract. That’s why before and after case studies are so effective. Share what medspa services are your favorite and encourage your staff to reveal theirs too. Then, go a step further and describe the direct impact the treatment had on you (increased confidence, relief, relaxation…). This builds instant camaraderie with anyone considering the same service, removes insecurities, dissolves stigma, and reinforces that you believe in your own services.

    Add some humanity

    Don’t be afraid to show your medspa’s human side. This doesn’t mean you should babble your whole life story or share hyper-personal details on your About page. But you should reveal enough to express that you’re authentic, approachable, and relatable. Pair friendly images of your staff with punchy profiles. Declare your mission and your core values. Spotlight charities you support and tie it all together for a whole-picture overview of the soul behind the medspa.

    Show your journey

    Clients love to know that you’ll be around for a long time. True to any industry, this desire gets accelerated by the intimate nature of the services a medspa provides. Use your About page to give visitors a trip down memory lane to show how you became an expert in your field. Create added confidence by also offering a sneak peek of what’s to come, explaining how these plans will benefit your clients.

    When visitors feel welcomed on your website, they’ll have a preconceived notion that they’ll also feel welcomed in your medspa.

    If you’re spending too much time or simply struggling to write content for your website, the About page, or any other page, it’s time to bring in a professional. When medspas partner with us, we write all this goodness for their new website. It’s optimized content that’s professionally written for both humans and Google.

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