3 Free Ways Accounting Firms Can Increase Their Online Reviews

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Did you know that online reviews are one of the top factors Google uses to determine whether or not to show a website in local search results?

The value of online reviews shouldn’t be underestimated. Online reviews are today’s word of mouth. For an accounting firm to be a leader in its local market, online reviews must be part of the marketing plan.

98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. (Bright Local) The same report tells us that 67% of consumers will consider leaving a review for a positive experience.

It can be challenging for accounting firms to increase their online reviews. But it doesn’t have to be.

Most clients are happy to leave a review. They simply need to be asked.

That’s why an automated system to request reviews from happy clients is so powerful. Reviews start to stack up, telling potential clients you can be trusted and signals to Google that your website should move up the ranks.

While an automated review system is our #1 recommendation and something we do for our clients, it’s not the only way to increase your firm’s online reviews.

Here are 3 easy ways accounting firms can get more online reviews without spending a dime:
  1. Include a message on your invoice
    On your invoice template, include a message asking if you’ve earned a positive review with a link to your Google reviews. This is a passive way to request a review, but it’s a good use of the whitespace on your invoices. Easy to implement and worth the small effort to get it setup.
  2. Signage
    If you have visitors at your accounting firm’s office, a small sign on your front counter is a great way to encourage client reviews. Simply use a QR code so people can quickly scan it and go to your online reviews on Google.
  3. Just ask
    Tax season is the perfect time to ask your clients for a review. It’s so simple, but sometimes it’s hard to remember to ask during such a busy time. Emphasize the importance with your team and make it a priority company wide.

The busy tax season will be here before we know it. Having these methods, one or all, in place before the rush hits is the perfect way to leverage your busy time to benefit your accounting firm long-term.

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