Meet the Team

We’re a group of problem-solvers, tinkerers, and puzzlers. We’re not going to be humble here because we’re kind, smart humans, and we’re good great at what we do.
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Jennifer Crego
Melissa Bandera
Production Manager
Georgia Sears
Projects & Client Success
Kimberly Dubluis
Marketing Assistant

Margott's History

My name is Jennifer Crego, and I’m the founder and CEO of Margott.

Previously the Director of Business Development for an Internet Retailer Top 100 company, I left the corporate world and started a website & marketing business, Type B Studio, in 2014.

Type B Studio was originally a company of one, but I quickly learned that I couldn’t keep up with demand on my own. I built a team of experts, and together, we served a variety of industries for several years. Type B Studio became an award-winning marketing agency and a favorite with both clients and team members alike.

In 2020, I realized we needed to focus on a single industry to serve our clients at the highest level possible while streamlining the company’s operations. We started transitioning from Type B Studio to Margott, dedicated to serving a single industry - accounting professionals.

Today, Margott offers the same conversion-focused web design and strategic marketing services that we provided through Type B Studio. The Margott team is on a mission to help accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax firms reach their growth goals.


What Our Clients Say


The Margott team is generous and knowledgeable with their time and expertise, as well as easy to work with. They go above and beyond!


Super rewarding experience! The Margott team is fast to respond and good at what they do. I'm getting more than expected already. 


Complete transformation! My website is now a fully functional website that is beautiful, modern, and easy to navigate with seamless integration with our tools. 


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